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Brainstorm Team Meeting


Having built the English-Speaking community since 2016 has its advantages and unique experiences. If you're a business owner on the Riviera and would like to have some help with your marketing activities, sign up for a plan that suits your needs.

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Startup Group
Group Discussions every
Weds 8-9pm & Sats 11am-12pm

Attend when you want, cancel anytime

This subscription is for business owners who are just starting out with a new product or service but you 

- don't​ have a steady client base yet

- don't have a fixed marketing budget

- are breaking even or making losses

- need guidance on marketing 

Budding Businesses
Weekly 1-on-1Discussions with
Admin & Founder, Tricia Teo

This subscription is for business owners who need new growth and a boost to revenues with new leads. 

- You have a steady client base but leads are coming in too slowly

- You have 200€-500€ to dedicate to growing your business

- You're posting randomly on social media whenever you have time but not a systematic strategy

- You are well aware of what marketing activities need to be done but need a team to run it for you

Marketing Director
Have a team to run your Marketing Activities, Directed by Tricia Teo

This subscription is for established business owners who run a profitable business but are overwhelmed & can't grow but can't stop either.

- You have too many clients and are not able to attend to many new ones so growth is hampered

- You have 500€-2000€ to grow your business & are considering hiring to delegate your workload but are worried about how it'll affect profits

- You have a high demand for business but need more time for yourself

  • Budding Businesses

    Every month
    4 x Marketing Strategy Sessions to Generate New Leads
    • Engage & Monetise your Existing Audience for More Leads
    • New Ideas for Lead Generation & Engagement
    • Introduce Best-Priced Marketing Tools for Your Business
    • Help You Set & Reach your Financial Milestones
    • Identify & Hyperfocus on Money-Making Marketing Activities
    • Templates for High Converting Marketing Content
    • Automate Repetitive Tasks
    • 1 Ad per Month on the Riviera English-Speakers FB Group
    • Set up of Google Ads Campaign
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