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Marketing Plans

We're always looking for business partners to provide English-Speaking services for our members on the French Riviera. If you'd like to join us and promote your business with our English-Speaking Community on the French Riviera, have a look at our plans below and see what works best for your business!


Average Site Visits

The Website

You'll get a dedicated space on traffic-heavy pages and it's more logical for customers looking for your solution to find you on the website. You'll also benefit from the traffic of page visitors looking at other businesses.

You can include more details to market your business and direct members to your site directly.

Newsletter Subscribers

The Newsletter

While fewer in number, email subscribers are looking forward to hear from us, and you'll get a direct link to each individual, instead of mass targeting.

Articles in the newsletter are more engaging and you'll have more attention from the reader because there are fewer competing businesses per newsletter.

Facebook Members

Social Media

Get the widest reach to promote your product or services on the Facebook group (other avenues of social media platforms coming!). The Facebook group has the highest amount of engagement of all the platforms, but has the risk of being a hit-or-miss, depending on many variables that may not relate to your product or service. 

If you'd like a more dynamic plan where you can continually grow your brand over several months and try out our different platforms of our community, a Marketing Bundle will be most cost-effective and will help us develop your brand and grow with you.