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Boost your Sports sessions for Free with MYS

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Amazing news for all sports instructors - there is now an application for you to publish your sessions like Bootcamps, Pilates, Yoga, Personal Trainings etc to gain new clients, and the best part is that it's absolutely free of charge for you and your clients to use!

MYS Sessions are looking to support the local community of sports instructors whose businesses have undoubtedly been affected due to the lockdown measures in the last months. The application (available for Android and Apple) allows you to showcase your classes to all users of the application for them to book (according to your geo-location of your classes) and facilitates payments by credit card or cash.

Users will be able to see all available sessions and prices in a selected area according to the date and area they're looking to join a class. This will help instructors to meet new clients that they wouldn't have had the chance to reach out and market to before and will help fill up existing classes, even at the last minute's notice.

Instructors have control over how repetitive they'd like to organise their classes, the times and locations, as well as how payments are made. If participants decide to use credit cards to pay, the payment will not be refunded if they cancel 24 hours before the class starts, thereby discouraging "no-shows". You can, of course, have the option to receive your payments in cash as well if your participants prefer (but please note that there is no compensation if they do not show up).

All instructors will need to be certified in order to post their classes on the app. If you don't have your certification yet, you can check out if you're eligible for one in some simple steps here.

Putting your classes on MYS Sessions will also help to boost your SEO (search-engine optimisation) and users can easily find you by your name on the app. If you already have regular clients, the app could be another way of letting them sign up and pay easily for an upcoming class without needing to contact you directly and thus, saving you some communication time.

Only do one-on-one sessions? No problem, you can also advertise your sessions by location and contact interested parties individually to plan a schedule accordingly.

The new interface that will display all the above-mentioned features will be available for users from 11 June 2020 - till then, we encourage all instructors to sign up and navigate around the application to understand how it works so that when we launch the marketing campaign for new users after 11 June, you'll be ready to welcome all new clients seamlessly. To sign up as a coach, please check that you have the necessary administrative documents first and then create your account with MYS Sessions here. While the site and application are still only in French at the moment, you may contact their customer email in English at any time for assistance:

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