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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

How to speak French in a short time - in a matter of weeks instead of months

If you find yourself increasingly frustrated with learning French and are looking for a programme that can get you speaking French in a short time, bypassing the majority of theory and rules and digging right into the good stuff - we've got the solution for you!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor & Co-Founder of KRU French, Dr Kristen Gunderson, about her business of helping students learn how to speak French confidently in weeks instead of months.

Part of KRU French's magic formula is to use Flipped teaching - instead of spending time in the classroom trying to understand concepts, you're given the materials at least 2 weeks in advance to read on your own and the time spent in the classroom is maximised to focus on speaking and practicing only.

The professors of KRU French have doctorates in French studies, including the acquisition of French as a second language, which makes them specialists not only in learning the language but also in teaching it. Also, as non-native speakers themselves, they, too, had to learn the language as adults and can understand the struggle first-hand. They also have handy tips as English-speakers that can help you in the learning process.

KRU French offers 2 types of courses:

  1. Fully Online This course takes place over 3 weeks - Mondays to Fridays evenings from 7-9pm - and is fully remote.

  2. Blended Course This course takes place over 2 weeks (Mondays to Fridays evenings from 7-9pm) and includes meeting up with your classmates and professor on Saturdays for 6 hours to partake in fun, local activities like wine-tasting, culinary courses etc

For students who sign up before 30 November 2020, members of the English-speakers on the Riviera group have a special price of 500€ (instead of 689€) for either Fully Online or Blended Course (the latter being available after lockdown has been lifted).

For more information on how to join the course, sign yourself up directly on their website www.krufrench.com or feel free to connect with Dr Kristen Gunderson directly.

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