Makeup Artistry with Irina Awad

This week I get to speak to Irina Awad, founder of Allure Makeup. Irina has been a makeup artist for years, starting out as a hobby, going through beauty school, working directly with Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and ultimately setting up her own business on the French Riviera.

In this special episode, Irina talks to us about her personal journey of setting up her business, how the business is currently digitalising in response to the lockdown situation, and she's also going to walk me through a step-by-step makeup tutorial sprinkled with lots of handy tips on how to apply your makeup.

Watch our full interview here:

The lockdown has prevented Irina from venturing out to conduct her usual business where she offers mobile services to go to her clients' apartments for their makeup sessions or classes. Like many other businesses, she's gone digital and while she can't be there in person, she is continuing to offer one-on-one consultations as well as makeup classes in groups online.

She's investing into these different methods of conducting business not just for the period of confinement but she believes that even when everything goes back to normal, many will have become used to working online with her, especially when we're realising how much time everyone saves when we don't have to travel from one place to another.

Irina is also creating gift vouchers for anyone looking for a present to offer - these gift vouchers can be bought online and redeemed whenever lockdown is lifted. As women don't usually treat themselves with a professional makeup session, this makes a great gift idea for a special occasion!

Irina runs through a full makeup tutorial with me on how to be video-ready - I don't make her job very easy though as I have limited supplies on me (very similar to what I would basically have if I were travelling) so she's working with what I have to come up with a very quick and easy look. Here is the summary of her tips:


  • Take 5 mins to prepare your skin with a facial or at least always hydrate your skin with some moisturiser between your skin and the makeup or you might get clogged pores from your skin absorbing the foundation

  • Apply the foundation on the back of your hand to warm up the liquid for easier application

  • Look at the colour of the veins in your wrist to find the right undertone for your foundation. If your veins are more blue, you have a cool undertone. If they look more green, you have a warmer undertone. If it looks a little in between, you'll need a more neutral undertone

  • If you need more coverage, don't smear on your foundation, but rather dab it on the spot to get more product on


  • Double up your nude lipstick as a blush! Apply some to the back of your hand and use your brush to apply it to your cheeks

  • Take note of the 3 zones of your face

  1. Hairline to your eyebrows (next to your nose)

  2. Eyebrows to the tip of your nose

  3. Tip of your nose to the tip of your chin

  • For blusher, you apply it only in the second zone (no lower than the tip of your nose and no higher than your eyebrows) and do not go closer towards the nose than the centre of your iris

  • The tip about smiling while applying your blush, forget it! Applying the blush while you're smiling will cause you to apply your blush too low

  • Apply bronzer (warmer tone) again in Zone 2 and sweep it upwards (past the eyebrow level). Do not go under the line between the tip of your nose and the top part of where your ear meets your face

  • Run the bronzer in the shape of the number 3 from your hairline, down into the high cheekbone, and down under your chin

  • Contouring requires an ash-ier colour and should be reserved for a night look


  • You can use the nude lipstick as well for the eyes. Without needed to be too precise, sweep the colour from the lipstick directly over the eyelids

  • You can also use your bronzer and sweep the colour up from the outer edge of your eyelids up towards your hairline

  • Sketch out the wingtips of your eyeliner and keep the line as close to the lashline as possible. Start small and slowly build it up

  • If you have eyes that are closer set, apply the eyeliner just to the tips and avoid drawing into the centre of the eye and use mascara to open the eyes up


  • Create your own lip scrub by combining coconut butter and sugar to exfoliate and hydrate your lips


  • If you have dark hair, your eyebrows should be three shades lighter and if you have light hair, it should be three shades darker

  • To shape your brows, use your brush to determine 3 important points: your brow should start along the side of your nose, the highest point of your brow should be aligned with the tip of your nose and across the centre of your iris, and your brow should end along the lines from the tip of your nose to the corner of your eye

  • If you don't have an eyebrow brush, you can wash an old mascara brush out and use it as an eyebrow comb


  • Apply mascara right at the roots, as close to the lash line as possible, not just the tips

  • Irina has a treatment for eyelash growth that naturally extend the length of your lashes over a 2-3 month period. You may contact her directly to order the treatment

Other tips

  • If you don't have makeup remover, you can use coconut oil or olive oil to remove your makeup

  • Use a setting spray to keep everything in place once you're done. If you don't have a setting spray, you can use powder over your nose, forehead and chin.

Irina is currently offering a 50% discount on her makeup course that usually sell for 200€ - this offer lasts for the duration of the lockdown period so if you'd like to learn some new skills during this time - get in touch with Irina soon! Visit for more information.

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