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Professional Window Cleaning with Richard Stokes

Updated: May 18, 2020

For years, you battled trying to get the exterior of your windows cleaned, but spotless windows usually do not last long! The solution is not so easy if you don’t have the means and tools to do it yourself.

I had the pleasure to speak with Richard Stokes, owner of Panoramic Cleaning based in La Colle sur Loup, the man who keeps our windows clean from St Tropez to Monaco.

Richard has been a window cleaning specialist for over 15 years, starting his business near London and eventually moving to the Riviera in 2017.

"There are very few companies who will take care of just your windows - you'd typically have to choose an entire package of services such as residential cleaning, of which one of those services includes window-cleaning."

Richard's advantage is that he can adapt and adjust to your needs. He does not work in big teams therefore, him being at your property or just outside of your flat windows will not disturb your daily life at all.

He is very conscious about safety, and just like any reputable window-cleaning company, he is fully insured. He likes to keep his feet on the ground when he can and ensures his and other’s security by often using the reach-and-wash system instead taking unnecessary risks.

I am a once-a-year window spring cleaning kind of girl, but as I learnt from Richard, getting your windows cleaned regularly makes the upkeep much easier in the long run.

While this would be the perfect moment for spring-cleaning Richard is conscious about the need for social distancing. If you’re interested in getting your windows cleaned, you can send pictures of your property and windows to him and he can start working on a personalised proposal for you. Richard is conscious of everyone's budget, so he'll work closely with clients to put together something within their means.

If you have windows that need professional cleaning, you are probably in need of some pointers that Richard can help you with:

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

If you have your own conservatory at home, you’ll be familiar with issues such as moss, dust and unsightly leafy stains that will cloud up the appearance of your conservatory.

Gutter Clearing and Cleaning

Forget the ladders and cherry pickers ask Richard. He’s already equipped for the removal of leaves, moss and ferns in your gutter.

Window protection during renovation works

If your constructors didn’t speak to you about protecting your windows during their renovation process, get in touch with Richard to prevent any potential and costly damage to your windows before construction is on the way.

Removing limescale

While we know from conventional wisdom that vinegar works wonders on limescale, a common problem we face in France, vinegar leaves an unpleasant odour and its effect is rather short-lived. Have a professional remove it before it’s etched into your window.

Roof Cleaning

Keep your roof clean year-round! It will make your house look nicer and it is an important part of maintenance.

Pressurised Cleaning (coming soon!)

Remove stubborn stains from your driveways,paths and other hard surfaces.

Here are some tips from Richard about how you can easily maintain clean windows at home:

  1. Dust away any loose dirt, cobwebs or leaves from the frames and sills using a dry, soft cloth before you start cleaning

  2. Using a damp cloth, clean off the remaining dirt and dust from the frames and sills.

  3. In a bucket, put some warm water and a small squirt of liquid soap. To clean windows on the outside, use a sponge (like the one you would clean a car with) to wash down the glass, being liberal with the water and liquid soap. Repeat this until all visible dirt is removed from the glass. Rinse away any soap with clean water.

  4. Once the glass is completely clean, dry it using a clean, dry cloth (a Microfiber cloth is recommended). Don’t forget to clean and wipe dry the corners. If your cloth gets too damp you should change it for a dry one.

  5. To clean your wondows on the inside, use a damp sponge with liquid soap being careful not to wet the sponge too much to avoid spilling water. Make sure the glass is totally dried with the cloth. Drying your windows instead of letting them dry with the droplets will prevent them from leaving stains behind.

For best results clean your windows once a month.

If using a ladder, make sure you are on an even, solid surface, and always get someone to hold the foot of the ladder for you for stability. Always make sure you have positioned the ladder well before climbing it. Never over-extend or lean to either side to reach a window. However, cleaning windows at height is still best left to professionals.

His prices vary according to each job, but he is very happy to offer the following to you guys:

10% off from your first clean and if you sign up for a regular clean of no less than 4 (once every 3 months or more) times a year he can offer 10% off the second clean as well.

To get in touch with Richard visit

PS: If the Stokes name seems somewhat familiar, it’s because Richard is the husband of Kim Stokes our beloved dressmaker, whom we interviewed a few weeks ago, but if you haven’t seen it, check out the interview here!

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